I’m saturating myself with writing. I want my brain to be back in writer mode. Trust me: A hiatus of five plus years from writing makes a brain fiction-stupid. Seriously.

I looked over some poems and chapter drafts I’d written 6 years ago, 5 years ago. One poem seemed so darn good to me, I double-checked that I had, in fact, created it. I doubted myself. I doubted I could have come up with such lovely images.

But I had.

I feel a bit dry. I bit dusty. I little ragged. Creatively. I’ve tried to prime this pump since August and I’m still creaking.


I’m gonna read advice. I’m gonna read good stories and good poems. I’m gonna look up strategies. I’m gonna take video classes. I’m gonna immerse. IMMERSE, until I come up with a brain that has shiny, bright things flowing out of it.

So, okay, I have to go now and do some work. Scrivener has a learning curve for usage, but so far, it looks like a nice little tool. Try it out. See link in previous blog post for the 1+ month free trial. It installs pretty quickly.

Learn from my error. Don’t stop using your brain, your creative tools. You will find it atrophies. It really does. And that is a scary thing for someone who WANTS to create and then can’t be nimble and free about it. The joints of creativity, like the joints of the human body, need to be used–to move, to flex and extend–in order to continue to function optimally.

I screwed up.

I repent.

I now try to find that creative me again. The locusts ain’t gonna have my crops anymore…

Dream, Do, and Dwell in Holy Fire…