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NaNoWriMo starts in a bit over 8 hours (as I write this). Yesterday, I had a few of those sudden “aha” breakthroughs about who and where and what. Elements of two separate ideas I had melded to my satisfaction in a very primal form. Not enough for a well-rounded plot, but enough to GET STARTED and motivated to find out MORE about these people in my head and what they are up against and what they need to do/learn and how they need to change…

In these last hours before ALL WRITING HELL BREAKS LOOSE and carpal tunnelitis roams the land of the living NaNo-ers, I will be plotting. I have so many writing references collected over the years that, honestly, I had trouble narrowing it down to one to focus on. Sooooo many books, soooo little time.

I decided to use one I bought in 2008. BOOK IN A MONTH by Victoria L Schmidt. I mean, the title is so NaNo perfect, right? It’s got schedule calendar, charts for character profiles, etc. I like  tools for outlining.

Yesterday, I got to fiddle with Scrivener. I opened the project folder for Nano, which I plan to add to come MIDNIGHT–if awake–or in the AM, if sleep takes me early.

I wanna kill Nano this year. Kill it good and hard. And though the laptop here is sputtering, I’m undeterred. If I have to, I’ll take charge of hubby’s MAC, which I don’t know how to use, and it doesn’t have WORD, but whatever. I’ll download Scrivener to it and go to town. I plan to upload all my Nano stuff to Google docs, anyway, so if I have to transfer to another computer, off I go.

Anyone have a specific book they’re using to prepare for NaNoWriMo?

I know NO PLOT, NO PROBLEM is one that’s being touted. (Yes, I own it. No, I haven’t read it.) Found it serendipitously today in the wrong bookshelf, and chaos is my middle name, so interesting timing.

For anyone using the Schmidt BOOK IN A MONTH system, let me know how it went/is going. 😀