I’m behind. Words written: 1500 That’s about 200 short of the minimum per day.

But that’s a start. I feel the 1500 words will end up in the trash down the line, but the brain is bubbling with ideas. I need to keep going and find what’s really going on in my head, in my story, with my characters.

Funny thing. I wonder how many NaNo novels are set in fall to start. Cause, well, it’s fall. 🙂 I started it set in Halloween. It suits the genre and happenings, so not a big deal. But I do wonder.

Okay, goal for today: 2000

But I will be happy with just finding my groove and coming up with something that I can say, “Oh, that’s not UTTER crap–Hooray!”

My BIAM calendar is up on the sliding glass door at eye level, and today’s task is a doozy: “Summarize your 10 essential scenes.” Well, I better put on the coffee and, as the nuns in my elementary school used to say, my thinking cap.

Happy writing folks. Dream, dare, and do.