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I met my goal today. See my pom poms shaking? 😀 First day to do so.

Right now, after three days, I am seriously behind. In total, I’m about 2000 words off. Friday was a very low count day. Nothing was coming out of this brain. Fog. Just fog. I could have typed nonsense, as an exercise, just to up the count. Yeah, heard some folks do that. Or type randomly as a brain trick, just to see if something REAL tumbled after the gobbledygook. In the end, I said, “Forget it,” and watched GRIMM and HAVEN, which are, right now, the only shows not on BBC America that I watch with regularity. I lost track of COPPER, which is good. And I have no idea if BURN NOTICE and LEVERAGE are old, new, gone, on. I’m so out of it, tv-wise.

Which is fine. I should be making word count. I should be stoking the fiction fires.

The writing quality is improving, btw. The first day was amazingly awful. It scared me. That bad. It was as if my creative cells had gotten brainfood poisoning and were spewing out puke and word-bile. Were this not NaNoWriMo, I’d have taken the prose out back, stomped it to a merciful death, and buried them under the hibiscus bushes. But there they are, counting in the tally, safe in Scrivener.

Friday’s 400+ words disgusted me less.At least the mood was there.

Today, I had good moments. The flow of words: smoother. The prose: did not cause me to cringe in the corner, yanking hair and bemoaning my lost talent.

I’m  hoping that’s the continuing pattern. Every day, less crappy. 😀

Word count total so far is a pathetic 3227.

However, that exceeds my word count for fiction in all of last year, and all of this year prior to November. So, hey, happy here.
1727 so far today.
Daily average: 1075

Behind, but still hanging in.

I will quit for tonight only because the pingy-zingy-pain in my neck says rest is priority one. Really, though, this laptop is not ergonomic for me. When the keyboard is low enough to be RIGHT, the screen is too low. When the screen is right for my neck, the keyboard is too high.

While my budget hates the idea, I need to consider an old-fashioned desktop set-up, all ergonomic and cozy, with maybe an investment in a really great chair. Or I suspect pain will be my friend all month and beyond. This middle-aged body is not as hardy as I might wish.

Okay, one good word count day under my belt. On we go.

Dream, dare, and do.