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Nano has gone pretty wonky here. I hated what I wrote, what I wrote, what I wrote, day after day. But every day since Nov 1, I hated what I wrote a little less, each day, a little less.

Then, yesterday, I liked what I wrote. Not just didn’t hate so much. i liked it. It felt like I was writing in a voice close to my own, the one I had discovered in the past, then misplaced.

So, though I’m so behind in word count that catching up may be impossible, this alone has been a blessing. I didn’t hate what I wrote; I liked it. I read it aloud and felt good about the sound of it.

And my brain is seething again, with ideas, with character traits, with backstory details (not dumped, just imagined), so that my characters have more personality. There’s action, not narrative dump. Yay.

Now, if only I could just stick and drive on and spill through and move forward and dazzle myself with great ideas and paragraphs. I wanna zing.

I have not killed my internal editor, ya know? I’m noot freefalling forward at all. Tat’s next on the agenda, stop with the stops and assessments. This draft needs to move faster outta my fingers.

I hope y’all are having a great time discovering your characters and evolving plotlines and your own voices.

Dream, dare…do.