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For those who read or keep up with the sub-sub-genre of Christian Speculative Fiction, kinda big news for that little niche of writerdom. Steve Laube Buys Marcher Lord Press

E. Stephen Burnett over at Speculative Faith blogged on it, with some remarks about how to eliminate the negative and accentuate the positive of MLP.”  Burnett recognizes that in Christian   publishing, not always very open or friendly (ie, the editors and agents and publishers) to science fiction and fantasy, especially anything edgy or experimental, Laube has been a supporter of CSF. One of the few. “Laube now owns Marcher Lord Press. He’s a former Bethany House editor, a fantastic-fiction fan, and the literary agent behind novels such as Kathy Tyers’ Firebird space-opera trilogy and Randall Ingermanson’s and John Olson’s Oxygen and The Fifth Man.”
(Tyers’ work is the first CSF I remember reading, and Olson’s book is in my home library.)

Mr. Gerke, the “first marcher lord” had his own comments, and you can read them at Speculative Faith. “If it can be said that I have been bearing the torch for Christian speculative fiction for the last few years, then you have to know that I took the torch from Steve, who bore it a lot longer than I did and who is bearing it again. It’s all good, you guys.”

Morgan Busse, author of CSF, has weighed in as well. “Because there was so much prayer involved, it saddened me to see that no one commented about God’s involvement in this decision when the news broke. Many people reacted, but I think people forgot that God is over everything, even this. There is no need to fear. God will accomplish what He will accomplish, even in the area of Christian speculative fiction.”

Amanda Luedeke, an agent with the MacGregor Literary agency, also commented. “So let what is happening here–let the belief in Marcher Lord Press, Christian publishing’s premier publisher of speculative fiction once and for all prove that you are not alone. There are professionals in the industry–professionals outside of me and Steve and Jeff–who are standing with you. Who are fighting for your genre. And who believe in the absolute importance and viability of Christian Speculative Fiction.”

I certainly will watch the new MLP’s trajectory.