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In Case You've Missed the Hullabaloo of the AUTHOR EARNINGS REPORT, here are some linkies...

Oh, wow. Lookee that chart.

It’s telling that back in the mid-2000s when I had two trad-publishers wanting to see my manuscript (4 if you count the Harlequin ones for a romance), before I quit writing in the mother of all neurotic writer’s blocks, I only considered traditional (legacy) publising.

Now, traditional publishing is not even on my radar. Whatever I finish and am happy with is going up on Amazon. Done.

And this report only encourages that for me.

If you missed the hoopla, head on over to check out the authorearnings.com reports. Two are up now, and there’s more to come. A lot of discussion has arisen, some of it highly enlightening, due to the report’s publication a week ago. This website has collected links to some of the discussions. Well worth a writer’s time (no matter the type of publishing you are involved with): http://www.clarybooks.com/?p=316