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If you’ve read at least 2 of the many nominations this year for the Clive Staples Award in Christian Speculative Fiction, then you may vote. Go here. There are posts on each of the novels so that you can get an idea of their content and links to purchase.

I will be voting for Carole McDonnell’s THE CONSTANT TOWER because, well, it’s an amazing work. Rich. Multicultural. Spiritual, but not in a trite way. Human, in a very realistic way. Echoes of history, including the history of Holy Writ, full of blood and lust and falls and rises and noble acts and wickedness and machinations and political messes and war. And love.

If you haven’t read THE CONSTANT TOWER, do yourself a favor. Read it. It’s long and deep and requires reader commitment to a fully realized world that is our own, but not. Fantasy that isn’t superficial or light. It demands your heart break before it heals it.

I hope to post an interview with the author this week. And maybe add some comments and excerpts from the novel. I want you to read it. I really do.

The Kindle version is a mere $3.82 right now. BUY!