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I uploaded my contest-winning short story to Amazon’s Kindle Select program. I decided to publish under a mononym: Mirtika. I may have second thoughts about it, but really, I wanted something easier to remember and that would be unique for searches –I could find no other “Mirtika” on Amazon’s search in Kindle Books.

So, hey, I’m an indie author. Did it myself, with the help of some templates and a generously unrestricted Deviant artists’s work.

Yay. I’m “out.”

Even got a few sales and a borrow so far.

Now, sure, I wanted it up for sale,  but I also wanted it in the Kindle Unlimited program. Putting it in KS assured that it could be borrowed for free and maybe someone would find it a good read. That would make me happy.

Tomorrow should see the publication of a second story, also SF.

“Voices from the Void” is science fiction with philosophical/religious elements and a search for true identity theme. The entirety takes place during an interstellar trip. Roughly 15 pages. It was first published in THE SWORD REVIEW in 2006 after winning the webzine’s first annual fiction contest.

A review by Daniel Blackston over at SFREADER.com  (which is kindly positive, but also critical, and justly so) states:

” The story’s characters: a “holoflik producer,” a “young monk,”a politician’s daughter, an “exobotanist,” a “missionarian” and the narrator are together on an intergalactic journey under the auspices of a cosmic “Matcher.” The characters function allegorically, creating a social-microcosm. Some of the philosophical exchanges between the characters are quite inventive and thought-provoking, not to mention exceedingly well suited to Schultz’s thematic thrust.

Also interesting is Schultz’s fusion of satirical pop-psychology with the conception of deep space as a medium for cosmic catharsis”

If you buy it, my thanks. If you borrow it, I hope you read more than 10% so I get some remuneration for it. And I hope you enjoy it, either way.

And if you do enjoy it, please leave a kind review .I would be grateful.

You can find it right here.

Here’s the url.