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So, the next one. Another short story for the Kindle Short Read category, though this one is longer and is in the 45 minute category. The previous was in the 30 min reading time category.

“Waiting for Appa” is set on a colonized world, where a strict religious sect has set up its communities. (I was thinking sort of vegetarian Amishy when I wrote it 8 years ago.) There isa famine. One of the colonists has gone for help–against the sect’s rules–and his family is undergoing some woes while they wait. It sort of echoes “second coming” expectations. Only with aliens. And “devils in the soil.” Like “Voices in the Void,” I feel free to use Judeo-Christian elements. You ‘ll note allusions to the shmita, blood sacrifices, and death/resurrection.

If you borrow or buy it, thanks. (And if you borrow from KU, please read over 10% or flip “pages” to past the 10% point. Thanks.)