I think most of us with blogs or addicted to the internet are used to running into folks best described as narcissists and douchebags. So, when you meet with folks who really kinda want the world to be better, kinder, bigger-hearted, it’s nice, huh? Whether it’s a fellow booklover or someone who shares our vision of a more peaceful coexistence or an activist out to right a social wrong….you just feel better.

Well, I gotta say, after a year of reading Hugh’s blog: He’s a nice guy. Good Guyness just emanates from his posts.  It feels great to have someone of his disposition and vision as one of Indie Authordom’s perceived “leaders.” (There’s no organization, so leader is used loosely.) Activist is probably a better word. Visionary.

Thanks, Hugh, for wanting things to be better for readers and for  ALL writers, not just for yourself. And please keep the virtue vibe. Every cause needs a White Hatter with a Guileless Smile.

(Does that make Joe our F(r)isky Charcoal Grey Hatter? 😀  Barry is the Sexy Sharpshooter in Camo Beret, I guess. )