Coincidences can be a blessing, right?

Two days ago, hubby and I watched a film called NOBODY’S PERFECT based on the memoir of a Japanese journalist–Hirotaka Ototake– born sans arms and legs. His book is one of the top bestselling books ever in Japan. The film dramatizes his experience teaching a grade school class for one year and how it affected him and his students and the man assigned to be his assistant.

Then this morning while eating breakfast, we replayed a service we missed. The speaker is a man you may have seen a while back on OPRAH or profiled in a news show or in some youtube video: Nick Vujicic. He’s become an evangelist with a globe-spanning ministry. Like the teacher/journalist of NOBODY’S PERFECT, he was born with a genetic condition that prevented the growth of arms and legs . Nick came by our church a couple weeks ago. I just got around to watching the replay and he really is inspiring. If you’ve felt purposeless or unlovely or unloveable or hopeless about your condition of life…might wanna watch: