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I am one of those folks who, when going through something troubling or vexing or merely annoying look for Bible verses to ponder or devotionals on topics. I totally suck at finishing any long devotional–40 weeks, one year, half a year, even 40 days for that matter. I tend to want support for issues that are happening NOW and then move on. I also like short Kindle Reads.

So, I decided to combine that and create a devotional series that falls under “Kindle Short Reads” on various issues that are not upheavals in life, but the irritations that can make us vulnerable to bad moods, cussing, temptation.

Like car trouble. Like houseguests from hell. Like holiday stress. Like a computer crash. Like starting a diet. Like a quarrel with a pal. Like new job nerves. That sort of thing.

If you’ve seen my blog header (which is a detail from my blog art over at my first blog, Mirathon), that bit of prettiness was done by the talented Hanna Sandvig. I asked Hanna to bring to life a colorful, woman-oriented, “Chick Lit”, cheerful style of cover for that series. (Maybe more Hen Lit, since it’s not some skinny fashionista in the illustration.)

Hanna has done other charming covers, such as the ones she did for her mother, author Valerie Comer, who specializes in “Farm Lit.”

It has a LOT of words. That’s my doing. I wanted it in the handwritten style you see a lot of lately–colorful, wordy, and clearly displaying the purpose.

I ended up really happy with the basic cover Hanna designed (for the series, only the topic changes, everything else stays the same). Behold:


The plan now is to have the first out next month, then one in November and another in December. At least the first 3 in the series by year’s end (particularly since I want to do the Holiday Stress one to be ready to go before Thanksgiving and the New Year Nerves one in time for the days of Resolution Madness.)

So, like the cover? The idea? I’m kinda really pumped. 😀

I plan to alternate working on fiction and non-fiction and remain so far in the short category. Well, that is the plan. 🙂