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This is a bit ambitious for me and my weak wrists and numb-prone thumbs. And yes, I’ve already had one surgery on one wrist and don’t want another. But I figure since my goal is to complete first drafts on 3 novellas of a fantasy-romance series, that even if I just get through 18K and not 3 x 18K, that’s fine. I’ll be happy.

Blessing Beast First Draft with Typos for NaNoWriMo first pages in format 11-4-14

Blessing for a Beautiful Beast

Behold  above the first two pages, typos and all (first draft, uncorrected). It’s a Beauty and the Beast retelling. And it won’t be true love’s kiss or true love that breaks the curse. I changed that. And she’s not beautiful in the normal sense for her storyworld, either. 🙂