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I have a deadline. I have goals. It’s December.

Dang! When did it become December????

So, I have a short story to complete (seasonal, Christmas apocalyptic) and a non-fiction short to complete (Christian devotional) and I’m bumping on a deadline.

I likely won’t have time for crits/beta-readers, so these will be flying unvetted. This isn’t the happiest thing for me. I like having at least ONE set of eyes to say, “Yeah, this totally does not suck.” 🙂  I will have to just suck it up and be my editor/beta-reader/cheerleader. And maybe plan better for the next ones.

Also, I hope I can get the cover image okay from the Deviant Artist who made it.

A little stress to add to the Christmas rush.

Oh, and I put up a weebly site. I have no design/layout skills, so it is what it is. But Weebly is free and I wanted to try it. My ultimate idea is probably to have an elegant Squarespace site as my primary site (elegant, yeah, elegant). But I’m playing with Weebly for practice. Visit me: http://mirtika.weebly.com/  I have a blog there, too. Put up an entry today in the wee hours.

I hope you are all well. And I hope December is beautiful and blissful for you–not lonely or stressful or cruel. Whether you write and read, or just read. It’s that magic season. Thoughts of miracles in the air. I like to think miracles await.

If you’re cranking away on your NaNo or other mss (I know folks still adding to their NaNos), remember:

Keep Calm First Draft