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The movie will surely have lovely music, beautiful cinematography, gorgeous actors, and make this look like a dream. A rape and subjugation fantasy made to look lovely. It’s not. I beg you: don’t go to the cinema and support it. We decry and decry abuse. We are shocked when we see studies or surveys where men say they’d rape or dominate a woman if they could get away with it.

If you want women to stop being seen as primarily objects for male satisfaction, don’t pay for tickets to see this.

Let’s not support “prettified” abuse masquerading as a redemption tale.

Look, I love the Beauty and the Beast archetype. It’s my favorite for romance tales. I get that a percentage of women want to be submissive and have strong rape fantasies. It’s reality. But is it healthy? I’d say think about that. Would you want your sister or daughter or mother treated like Anastasia? I would prefer “Beauty” not lose her sense of self or identity or even morality to save the Beast.

And ask yourself this: If Grey had not been handsome, charismatic, and very successful and rich, if Grey was some frumpy geek with 2 cents to his name, now do you wanna submit and let him treat you like a sex slave without rights or free will?

Examine those fantasies, my dears. Examine how dangerous they can be.

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Or, The Top Three Ways our Culture Promotes Rape

Please note: This post is not for the faint of heart or easily offended. I’m not going to be gentle in my terminology or my treatment of the subject. Please also note that I am well aware that men are raped too, but in this post I focus primarily on women victims.

fifty shadesI’ve been pondering writing a post about rape culture for a long time, but I hadn’t, because I know it’s going to cause a stir. People are going to get really mad at some of the things I have to say. People are going to disagree, and it’s going to be a hugely divisive issue.

I finally decided to go ahead and write it, because I think it’s something our culture needs to hear.

We hear all the time about “rape culture” and how it’s a problem in our…

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