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Here I am, near the closing of the twelfth day of Christmas (bye-bye Christmas),and I have yet to make my concrete resolutions. I have a couple fuzzy ones, sure, about weight and exercise and decluttering and writing and moving, but I have not sat down and made the “real”goals in concrete terms of what, how much, when, etc.

But I came across the recent comic by the fabuloso Adam Ford–his comics make my theological day–that reminded me the year is already passing and I’ve ignored the planning aspect. This one: HAPPY NEW YEAR.

And that sent me in search of this: Jonathan Edwards’ Resolutions.

You might find that interesing and inspiring reading. For me, the resolution to live “with all my might” was highly convicting. Since I quit work, ill, really ill, an autoimmune condition affecting me for years before it was diagnosed, depressed to the point of wanting to die, contemplating suicide, begging God to kill me, I have lived dealing. Just dealing. With spots of living here and there. Spots of service to God and mankind. But mostly self-protecting, recovering, sometimes hitting 3 docs a month. It’s exhausting being chronically ill.

But I don’t have much life left. Even if I were to have a normal lifespan, we’re talking two decades left. Probably less due to my not being the healthiest puppy in the litter.

So, this year, I want to make 1. a business plan and 2. a life remainder vision plan. Hubby and I already have been in talk for more than a year about our life vision, and we’ve been procrastinating for various reasons (a 3-month layoff draining our savings being one, and all manner of unexpected expenses). But we are determine to make this year one of strong steps, big ones, toward that family and ministry vision we have.

Living “with all my might” isn’t easy. But I think it will be really exciting and rewarding. I’m scared poopless, really, after 25 years of reclusiveness, self-protection, recuperation, depressions. But, yeah, I want this. I want to be bold again and hopeful again and strong again.

Got resolutions? Comment maybe on YOUR vision for 2016.

God bless and be well.