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I’ve had some rather severe health and anxiety issues this year and a whole mess of stress. A bad year. The recent massacre in my state (FL) and killings of blacks by police (various) and slaughter of police officers by a black man (Texas) and vicious attacks by terrorists of a radical expression of one religion in various places…well, these are not the sorts of news stories that a person dealing with anxiety and stress can handle well.

But it is the world we live in.

How long, oh, Lord?

It is simply so sad, so depressing.

I’ve been praying a great deal for peace and calm for this beleaguered planet for rest of this year, a respite from the bloody goings-on.

And so, I’m really feeling this poetic passage by Robert Hayden, once poet laureate of our nation, what with so much hate–of gays, of blacks, of whites, of non-Islamists, of whatever “other” someone deems somehow less-than:

Reclaim now, now renew the vision of

a human world where godliness
is possible and man
is neither gook nigger honkey wop or kike
but man

permitted to be man.