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My older (but not eldest) sis and I commisserated over the phone about having Mr. Trump as the President come January.

I abstained from voting for the first time since 1978 as I could not in good conscience cast my ballot for either of the two viable candidates. My distrust and dislike of both is really intense. It was the year of the election day puke-fest blues.

My sister voted Hillary as the lesser of two evils.

The man is repulsive. He’s low class. He’s vicious. He’s all those nasty things we saw unfurl. The woman, his opponent, is a liar and arrogant enough to break rules set down to keep us safe. And her husband is a sexual harasser and, I believe, rapist. (Yes, I found Juanita Broderick credible years ago. ) Whoever won, a man who thinks women are there for him to pounce on would be sleeping in the White House. And that grosses me out.

But where sis and I differ is that I believe in prayer. I will be praying LIKE MAD for Mr. Trump to live up to the office, to grow up, to repent, to be wiser, to apologize, to be kinder, and to do a damn fine job….for my sake and for your sake.

I love this country. It gave shelter to me and my family (legal immigrants). It is the land where I’ve married and been educated and am growing old. I’d like to grow older in peace and I’d like my neighbors–white, working class, black, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Asian, Indian, disabled, abled, male, female, poor, rich, educated, dropouts, gay, straight, transgender, and etc–to live and grow old in peace.

So, if you are a praying sort, a faith-filled sort, please pray with me that this man who will soon occupy a very powerful and sober office will grow into it well and give us all hope.

Yes, it’s really nice to have a sister you can share woes with –and desperate hopes with–at a time like this.

And it’s nice for a nite owl like me to be able to sleep in peace without 15 election calls waking me up every half hour. I’m really thankful the election is over. I was only able to sleep in snatches due to the stupid robocalls. (Raquel Regalado’s use of them was egregious and I’m glad she lost.)

Let the fervent oraciones begin…

And God bless America…a lot.