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If you haven’t tried Canva.com, indie author/publisher, please hurry over there and open your free account. I’ve been fiddling over there for more than a year, and it’s not just fun–it’s crazy useful.

You can put together in just a few minutes all manner of things for your publications (books, articles, blogs, tweets, FB posts, Pinterest boards, charts, memes, etc).

Book covers are a snap (simple, but can be attractive). They are limited in the free version with fonts, but they provide enough variety for most of what you need to do. Totally fast to learn (unlike Photoshop). You can brand. You can divide your works into two folders in the free version.

Upgrading to business requires a monthly fee, but really, you can get so much done in the free version, you probably will not need to. They do have templates you can purchase for a buck–read the license agreement carefully–if you lack a stock site account or don’t like the free stock you find online.

If they had a plan that was not business, but something like upgraded amateur, and was maybe 5.99 per month just for a couple more functions–such as uploading our own fonts and having personal templates saved, maybe 2 more folder options–I’d pay it. I have zero graphic design training, can’t draw to save my life, am intimidated by Photoshop, am not very tech-y, but this suits me to a wonderfully. Easy, convenient, fun.

I think maybe I’ve plugged Canva in the past, don’t recall. Hey, I qualify for senior discounts in some places. I forget stuff. But consider this the UBER-PLUG.

Go now. Try it out.

You are gonna love it. I just know it.

Here’s the cover I made for the story I am writing now, a Snow Queen retelling set in various eras (past, present, and future).


Here are some that I created while playing with story ideas (not written yet). I’ve been using Canva as my “idea notebook.” Instead of just jotting down character/premise/genre ideas, I make a cover in 15 mins. Excuse my lack of formal training or advanced skill, but these examples are just to show what you can do as a non-trained person with a nice tool. All done in less than an hour, some done in 10 to 15 minutes. For real. It takes longer to find a stock image you like or that fits your book than it takes to put together a serviceable to good to very good cover.


If you do design some cool stuff with Canva, leave a comment with a link. I’d love to see your book cover or promotional ad. 😀

Be creative!