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I’ve written three poems so far for Poetry Month (yes, April is Poetry Month). I’m basing the poems on the days of the month and on historical events that fell on those days. It’s fun so far.

I did one for April one that started “no fooling” and ended “like fools,” but wasn’t about April Fools Day in any specific way. It was a magical realism one where the sky fell. 😀

Here is the one for April 3 (today), commemorating the first call made on a mobile phone in the US:

April 3, 1973

It was a triumphant ring

a milestone dial-up from

winner to loser in the

race to be first with the

phone that changed us


Maybe Mr. Cooper’s dream

couldn’t fly as far as century

21 where rival phones call

the daily shots for millions

on the move, move, move


Or maybe, like a visionary,

He strode to his office with

the tiniest itch in his back

pocket longing for something

red and black and slim with

a strong gigabyte


So when you text your

mother about dinner or  selfie

your sunburn at the beach

remember to thank April 3,

1973, for capturing a gloating

call to the mobile future


I’m gonna keep trying to write those poems each day. A discipline for a gal not very disciplined.

If you’re doing the poetry challenge, link me up. I’d like to see what you’re creating.


I’m also doing Camp NaNoWriMo. My goal is not a novel, but three shorter tales, all speculative (sci-fi and fantasy) based on fairy tales.

I have my spreadsheet in Google Sheets to keep track of word count. My total word count goal is 45K (roughly 15K on each story). If I make that, it will be the most words I’ll have written in one month. At least, since I started keeping word counts. I may have exceeded that in my school days, writing long hours for my creative writing classes.

Here are the tentative Canva-created simple covers for my three stories:

3 Covers Camp NaNoWriMo 3-30-17 SCREENSHOT


WINGS (based on a Chinese fairy tale) and BEARING (a sci-fi retelling of the Bearskin fairy tale) both have more than 2K words each. SHROUD hasn’t been started or even plotted yet, and I bounce, back and forth, over whether it’s gonna be a zombie Snow White or an undead Sleeping Beauty. We shall see. The title and cover would fit it whichever path I take.

My dream is to be productive, to get in the habit of writing MORE, and to publish several stories before December 31st.

Have a beautiful, productive, creative April. I’m giving it my (sorta) best. 😀