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I’m still keeping up with one poem each day for Poetry Month. Since it’s a Christian holy day, I used that as my subject.

Sharing it. Enjoy:

April 14 (414)


Strong’s lexicon lists two

414s: the Hebrew one is sturdy,

and deep-rooted–an oak tree


the Greek one is “bearable”

as in “more tolerable” for

Sodom and for Sidon


than for the unwelcoming

cities whose dust got shaken

off the apostolic sandals


The guessers of Gematria

tag 414 as “sorrow for broken

walls,” which brings to mind


the followers horrified, hiding

and forgetting how he told them

they should count to three


Today is, Friday, another

414, and it’s good to ponder

the tree–probably not an oak–


and the Man who had to bear

and tear and dip into his blood

to christen us “ Unbroken”