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It’s a somber day of remembrance today. I didn’t want to post too many of my Poetry Month daily poems, but today, I feel moved to.

April 24, 2017
(Yom HaShoah/The Day of Holocaust Remembrance)

Six million is far too great

a number to fit within my

head, too great a number

to be dead for no reason,

no reason anyone sane

or humane would accept

Still, it’s six million we must

remember, must not forget

nor let horror fade into a

hazy denial of such a scale

of evil, unless a sick reprise

festers to burst in a viral time

The catastrophe cannot

be repeated, and we heave

against the bigotry and greed

that gave it birth, then or ever.

This world has had too much

of sorrow, scorn, and slaughter.

Light a white candle. Speak a kind

phrase to the anguished. Sing

a song of grace. Offer praise

for all survivors. Strive to believe

in the sun, even unshining, and

in the One, who today is not silent.